"Rustic yet classy. Highly recommend this vendor. Brown is going to be Proudly hung in my vintage 1968 Airstream Land that is currently
Being remodeled/updated."

       -Dewey on May 29, 2019

I actually bought two other pieces from this artist and I must say... Worth every penny! My husband loved it as a gift and I won the best wife award for our 5 year anniversary (the year of "wood"!!)

     ~Jessica Sanchez on Sep 11, 2019

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This piece is fantastic! Transaction was great, and it's an awesome addition to the living room. "Rugged, yet classy" is how I'd sum it up. Thanks again!

     ~Kurt Pawlak on Jul 5, 2019

Awesome piece! Great transaction and solid addition to the house. Highly recommended!

    ~Bill Stafford on August 25, 2019

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